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Bjarne Nielsen Biography

Although Bjarne Nielsen himself was not a pipe carver, he loved and lived pipes and was considered one of the most knowledgeable persons about the history of the Danish pipe in particular. Bjarne had a keen eye for quality workmanship and became a prominent distributor of his own brands of Danish pipes until his passing in 2008.

Bjarne was one to reinvest his earnings in the business and amassed a huge inventory of briar that continues to age to this day. Tom Fitzpatrick, a close friend of the Nielsen family and exclusive distributor of Bjarne Nielsen pipes, shared with us that the Danish pipes presented here have smoking qualities that surpass their aesthetics, and that's saying something. Unfortunately, Tom passed away suddenly in 2017 and the Bjarne Pipe inventory he owned was sold to several smoking pipe distributors. The Viking pipes on our website are the last ones available to us.

The Viking Classic series continues the Bjarne brand's excellence in an affordable yet high quality briar. Produced by the carvers selected by Bjarne for their excellence and reliability, we are please to offer a selection of Viking Classics for your smoking pleasure.