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The Right Pipe - For your smooking plesure

Cheap Smoking Pipes

The Right Pipe is your source for every type of quality smoking & tobacco pipe. From Turkish Meerschaum Pipes and Briar Pipes to Corn Cob pipes, you will find cheap smoking & tobacco pipes and accessories that satisfy your every smoking need. We regularly sell Meerschaum Pipes and Briar Pipes at special sale prices to make room for new stock coming directly from master carvers in Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark and the USA.

You can find many cheap smoking & tobacco pipes on sale for as much as 25% off. The selection of smoking pipes on sale changes constantly, which means you may find Tekin Meerschaum Pipes hand crafted by Turkish master carver Salim, assorted Vauen briar pipes, Lorenzo's Italian briar pipes - among the many master carvers and European brands we carry - as well many of our premier corn cob pipes, on sale at any given time.

If you are not sure which type of pipe is right for you, then read more about our Meerschaum Pipes, Briar Pipes, and Corn Cob Pipes. You will learn why Meerschaum Pipes are so sought after by experienced smokers, and even considered works of art. And while the many manufacturers of Briar Pipes may seem overwhelming at first, we can help you see the differences between a Jobey Briar Pipe and a Radice Briar Pipe, just to name a few of the many quality and beautifully crafted briar pipes available here. Of course, you should also take a look at our Missouri Meerschaum Selection of Corn Cob Pipes that range from including genuine hardwood insert bottoms to having dark stains that give each Corn Cob pipe a distinctive look and feel.

As you search the various Meerschaum Pipes, Briar Pipes and Corn Cob pipes here at The Right Pipe, you will see there is often little or no difference between the cheap smoking & tobacco pipes for sale and those not for sale. Sales are determined by the incoming inventory. Even though we sell many high end Meerschaum Pipes and Briar Pipes, you certainly CAN afford a quality pipe at The Right Pipe, one that will give you a cool, dry and long lasting smoke. We are happy to place even our most expensive and rare pipes on sale from time to time since we believe every smoker should be able to buy the pipe that is right for him. You will need to check back here often to take advantage of those sales!

We never know which of our Meerschaum pipes and Briar pipes will be on sale until new inventory arrives, but we do know that our customers who visit here often will spot those sales and snatch up those deals quickly, so stay on your toes, everyone! And remember that the more often you visit our site either for one of our cheap smoking & tobacco pipes or one of our many pipe and tobacco accessories (which include pouches for pipes and tobacco, racks, stands and tobacco jars, repair parts, filters, pipe tools and reamers), the more likely you will be able to buy cheap smoking & tobacco pipes and accessories and great affordable prices!