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The Right Pipe - For your smooking plesure

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Eriksen - Rustic by Nording
Product Code:   EN-ERIK-R

$ 2999

Eriksen pipes are the newest innovation from the brilliant mind of Erik Nording and feature a removable bowl that allows you to add Keystones into the base. The Keystones will absorb excess moisture for a cool, dry smoke. Each pipe is lightweight with a nice capacity bowl. Try one today and see the difference. 

The bowl is made of real briar wood and is available in three different finishes. The draught hole is in the middle of the bowl and not in the side as in “normal pipes”.The hard synthetic construction of the bottom base (shank and stem) combined with the keystones and placement of the draught hole ensures you a cool and dry smoke and no tobacco waste. A silicon rubber ring around the bottom part of the bowl makes the bowl sit tight. One  free Keystone packet included with each pipe.   
Exterior:  Tobacco Hole: 

 L = 6.0in. / 15.0cm.

 Dia. = 0.6 in. / 1.5 cm. 
 H = 2.1 in. / 5.3 cm.  Depth = 1.1 in. / 2.8 cm
 W = 1.4 in./ 3.6 cm.  Weight = 1.5 oz. / 41 g. 




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Eriksen - Black by Nording
Eriksen - Black by Nording
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