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The Right Pipe - For your smooking plesure

Mesut & Kudret Gezer

Kudret and Mesut Gezer carve distinctive highly prized portraits, which have unusual floral work.  Many of the medallion pipes carry their signatures, as well. As a young boys, Kudret & Mesut were fascinated by older brother Sevket's carvings. In 1977, at the age of twelve, Kudret began two years of intense study under the brother. After completing his apprenticeship, he was an independent carver of small pipes for the Turkish market. In 1985, Kudret and younger brother Mesut formed a partnership with Sevket that lasted five years. It was during this period that a new era of Kudret & Mesut carving began to emerge.

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SMS Meerschaums - PEGASUS by Mesut
SMS Meerschaums - PEGASUS by Mesut
Item Code:   27003PEG
Price:  $349.00