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Genod Biography


The history of the workshop Pipes Genod goes back to the year 1865, when the pipe-pioneer Comoy founded this factory in the heart of Saint-Claude, France. He united the workshop with David soon afterwards. In 1923 the house Comoy-David is taken over by Georges Vincent who continued the production in the style of Comoy-David. From 1939 Vincent worked together with his son-in-law John Craen, who became responsible for the technical development in the factory.

In 1959, John's son, Jacques ,began working with Comoy-David as a pipemaker and manufacturer. From the year 1970 onwards, Jacques was director of the Société Vincent-Genod and introduced the brandname Genod. When Jacques became director of Comoy-David in 1977, several changes and innovations took place. Craen opened a pipeshop in the centre of Saint-Claude, on the Place de l'Abbaye and also started guided visits to his workshop.

In 2006, Sebastien Beaud, a promising young pipemaker who worked under Jacques, became the owner and general manager of Pipes Genod.  He brings youth and enthusiasm to the art of Pipes Genod.