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The Right Pipe - For your smooking plesure

Repairs & Rewaxing

The Right Pipe provides stem repair and re-waxing services for meerschaum pipes only.

Please contact us to tell us about the repair you need in detail. We will let you know if the repair is possible and approximate cost. Once we are in agreement, print a copy of the email or state the desired service in writing. Please include your name, address, phone number (with answering machine), e-mail address, original receipt, return shipping preference, and value of the pipe for insurance purposes (if a receipt is not available). Pack the letter and meerschaum pipe (in its original case) in a well-padded box, insured for the value of the pipe, and send to:

The Right Pipe
211 E. 11th Street - Ste 103
Vancouver, WA 98660

After the pipe is evaluated, the cost of repair or re-waxing plus postage and insurance will be given by phone or e-mail. The repair will only proceed after approval received. Notice: Meerschaum repairs are taken at your own risk and not guaranteed against breakage while attempting the repair.