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The Right Pipe - For your smooking plesure

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Heirloom Floral-10 by I. Bekler
Product Code:   IB-4770

$ 37900

Beautifully carved. Sitter! Signed by Ismet Bekler. CAO logo Lucite military-style stem.  New Fitted Case. The workmanship is exquisite and the design is unique and so expertly created. The very top has a fluted edge and just under this area is a detailed carved brick look. Then follows some sweeping flutes which give an antique look.  It is a real beauty in very excellent condition.


Tobacco Hole:                       

L = 6.0 in. /15.0 cm.

Dia. = 0.79 in. / 2.1 cm.  

H = 2.3 in. / 602 cm.

Depth = 1.9 in. / 4.9 cm.

W = 1.6 in. / 4.0 cm.

 Weight = 1.8 oz. / 52 g.

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